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Welcome to the Can:Do Classroom, engaging
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Deliver engaging lessons to your students.


Play interactive games and participate in fun activities with your family.


Engage with your child in interactive games and home learning tasks.

Can:Do Classroom Quick Start Guide

  1. Register as a Teacher and confirm your registration
  2. Select which program you would like to teach – Hearing Health Protection, Communication or Social Inclusion & Disability
  3. Depending on the year level you are teaching, select the appropriate ‘Lesson’
  4. Download ‘Lesson Plan’
  5. Your class starts on Page 2 – ‘Lesson Introduction’


Can:Do Classroom is a flexible and interactive program to encourage students to explore, discover and think critically about our three focus areas– Hearing Health and Protection, Social Inclusion and Disability, and Communication– in the classroom and at home.

Why explore our three focus areas?

  • Relate directly to children’s lives
  • Build awareness of the causes of hearing loss
  • Encourage an understanding of the challenges faced by young people with sensory impairments or disability
  • Introduce Auslan (Australian Sign Language)

Why engage in our lessons?

  • Links to the Australian Curriculum
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Lessons will spark ideas in a range of learning areas
  • Printable, accessible and ready to use
  • Children are active participants in their learning