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Welcome students, to the Can:Do Classroom


Explore the interactive and home activities in each pillar to:

  • Build your awareness of people with hearing impairments
  • Learn some basic signs in Auslan (sign language of the Australian Deaf community)
  • Learn how to look after your hearing


One in six Australians suffer some degree of hearing loss. A significant amount of this hearing loss is caused by exposure to loud sound, which can be from work and/or recreational activities. Tinnitus (or ringing in the ears) is even more common. Prevention is better than cure. There are many ways to reduce exposure to loud sounds and prevent hearing damage.


Communication is part of our lives every day. Humans are very social and one of the most enriching aspects of life is when we share our experiences and learn from others through the exchange of thoughts and emotions. Auslan is the language of the Australian Deaf community. It’s a unique and rich visual language which everyone can learn as a means of communication.


Like all of us, people with disabilities have strengths and limitations. No matter their disability, they are productive members of our society and live fulfilling lives. It is important that they develop a positive self-image and confidence about their identity and place in the world. There are many ways we can help people with disabilities feel included within our community.